EMS provides consultancy services in the fields and sectors below:

  1. Environment, Conservation & Natural resources Management - Environnementale & social Assessment
  2. ESIA: Agriculture, Agribusiness, Livestock, Fishing, Roads, Forestry, Agroforestry, Roads, Mining, Renewable energy, Rural hydraulic and safety Image
      - Environmetal Managemnt Plan
      - Monitoring and auditing
      - Forest governance
      - Afforestation and reforestation
      - Climate Change
      - REDD+ process
      - Protected areas
      - Fauna and flora Survey
      - Ecology social benefit and values
      - Hydrologic monitoring
  3. Economic growth: Competitiviness, marketing studies, Project / Program management, Monitoring and assessment
  4. Local Community & Indigenous people development
  5. Infrastructures: Economic growth & Development
      - Infrastructures et Telecommunication
      - Habitat: building architecture
      - Improving and rehabilitation of damaged infrastructures: Road, Bridges, Dams Installation
      - Maintenance of network and computer equipments: GSM/GPRS (NTIC)
      - Building and hosting websites
      - Land planning